Modernity Art is the main gallery for the art works of Erik Kucera.  Erik Kucera is an award winning artist from Slovakia. He is the creator of the world renowned style called , "Surreallations".  Every piece is based on Metaphysics and all the works I create are based on information I channel from the universe. Every artwork is a teaching tool for this world.

The Surreallations technique, which creates the illusion of depth and movement to each piece, is what makes each work so incredibly unique and so readily recognizable as a Kucera. 

Surreallations is not only a style of  artistic creation, but it is the location where art and metaphysics collide.  Each piece is created through a subtle and vibrational connectivity between the artist and the universe. In each piece, the design is thought out, the creation is then guided by universe and after completion the translation of its specific meaning is done. 

These pieces not only are just beautiful works of art.  Erik's works are also used as teaching tools, meditational guides and  means of self healing 


 I know that my purpose in this lifetime is to create and to teach.

 Each person who sees my art will receive the story which is transmitted through me from the universe.   The explanations which I write here are just some ideas and clues to help you to connect with the higher meaning of the work. I want everyone to think creatively and independently and come up with their own meaning.

I believe that that information which I am transmitting to others is to help people have a better and happier future. My work is here for all people.  I want to open up new worlds and new realities for people through my art in order for them to connect to universe, each other and their higher self. I believe through this we can all work together to improve this world and this life. 

- Erik Kucera