Erik Kučera is an award winning artist born in Slovakia and currently living in West Palm Beach, Florida.
He is known as the creator of the world renowned technique "Surreallations.
Surreallations is a form of artistic expression where art, metaphysical, keylontic sciences, sacred geometry, chromo-therapy, numerology and quantum physics come together. It serves as a visual healing tool.
Uniqueness of concept and perspective is to create stories and travel in to Worlds beyond what we call "Reality“.

This vision allows our personal consciousness to expand, learn with each other and co-create a better world. it is incredibly unique and so readily recognizable as a Kučera.

Erik has been working in the art industry for over 20 years.

He has exhibited in solo and group shows around the world and currently is displayed in various countries, including Australia, Austria, Slovakia, UK , Romania, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, China, Morocco, Switzerland, Canada and parts of US.

At present the Artist is working out of his Studio in West Palm Beach Florida.

He continues to study metaphysical science and is now working on a new collection based on chromo-therapy and giving new life to pieces that would otherwise be recycled or destroyed. The effort is a part of his Eco-friendly support of environmental awareness and demonstration of unlimited possibilities of what the naked eye perceives as no longer of use to us.