Erik Kucera

Artist Statement: My purpose and artistic mission in life is to create and to teach. 

Surreallations art is about awakening as well as a path of consciousness.

It can also be used as a teaching tool, meditational guide and  means of self healing.  Over the years I developed the technique of “Surreallations”. It is my own way of creating the illusion of depth and movement in a piece that is 2D or 3D. When I create my art, I see the images in all dimensions in my mind.

All that I create is filled with meaning and symbolism and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion with YOU. Ultimately, it is one of the paths to

connect with the higher meaning ,to learn and grow, to discover another way of looking at life and see a new reality. A reality not based on what we have all been taught to believe. My passion is to open and share new worlds and new realities for people through my art in order for them to connect to universe, each other and their higher self. Through this awakening we can all work together to improve this world and Life in a grander way... 

Erik Kučera

"Erk Kucera is an internationally exhibited artist who's work spans genre, media, and motive. His 2D, illustrative works are imaginative, perspective altering representations he calls "surreallations". Appearing superficially as simple forms and patterns, these pieces soon reveal themselves as complex landscapes, urban environments, and organic forms. Many of Kucera's surreallations house internal tension between structured, synthetic shapes and the impulsive freedom with which they appear to have been created." - Cole Johnson for Homeless Longitude.