Erik Kucera
All of the art which I create are full of my expression, the meanings I develop about what I feel and can see. I know that my purpose in this lifetime is to create and to teach.

All that I create is filled with meaning and symbolism which is for each person to learn from and understand in their own way. Each person who sees my art will receive the story which is transmitted through me from the universe. If you are open to the metaphysics of the piece and are in the same vibrational frequency as the work then you will pick up on it immediately and understand. The explanations which I write here are just some ideas and clues to help you to connect with the higher meaning of the work. I want everyone to think creatively and independently and come up with their own meaning.

Why is it that I create this way? I don’t know, but I’m learning and trying find out who I am and what my purpose is in doing this. I believe that that information which I am transmitting to others is to help people have a better and happier future. My work is here for all people. I hope as well to touch the lives of people who may want to learn and grow, people who want to discover another way of looking at life and people who want to discover and see a new reality, a reality which is not based on what we have all been taught to believe. I want to open up new worlds and new realities for people through my art in order for them to connect to universe, each other and their higher self. I believe through this we can all work together to improve this world and this life. 

-Erik Kucera
"Erk Kucera is an internationally exhibited artist who's work spans genre, media, and motive. His 2D, illustrative works are imaginative, perspective altering representations he calls "surreallations". Appearing superficially as simple forms and patterns, these pieces soon reveal themselves as complex landscapes, urban environments, and organic forms. Many of Kucera's surreallations house internal tension between structured, synthetic shapes and the impulsive freedom with which they appear to have been created." - Cole Johnson for Homeless Longitude.