Aperturesque – by Erik Kučera


Aperturesque is a brightly colored look at the past and the future, tied between woman and technology. There in the middle of the forehead, the third eye realm, we see the sun, that which gives us light and around which we all turn. Through the inventions of mankind we can look at the sun and beyond, we can hear sounds to the furthest reaches of our galaxy and we are filled with the color and awe that surrounds us. What wonders there are to see and hear!

Just like the aperture of a camera which limits the quantity of light that can enter, so do we limit that which we allow in to us, with closed eyes, a closed mind and a mask of sorts we hide behind.

So let your mask fall and shine with the brilliance of your own light. As a woman glows with love, shines with joy and reflects the beauty of nature intertwined with her own, so we find the melding of technology and woman within Aperturesque.


See how the mask was created here
A Special evening at Wally Findlay Gallery.

Erik's piece 'Aperturesque" was bid within the first hour of the show.

Erik would like to thank all of his fans who came out to make this event such a success and to help support his art.

Erik would also like to thank all of the people at Wally Findlay gallery and the many other people from Hospice and beyond who made this wonderful event possible for such a great cause!

Thank you!

Cathy and Bill Quinn

Palm Beach Daily News - Shiny shots

Dawn Ross

Wally Findlay Gallery Celebrity Masque Art