Join us at the Santa Fe Expo this July 12 -15 at the Santa Fe Convention Center 
Read More about it and get your Tickets HERE
Erik's Piece "I'm Just a Love Machine" on site on Clematis St from Nov 1 - Nov 17th 2013
At the Kick off Party for the Kretzer Keys to the Cit Event. L-R, Dawn Ross, Katie Diets, Elayna Toby-Singer and Erik Kucera
March - 2012   Erik at the Rosen Gallery and Museum Exhibition Vernisage. Here he is standing next to his piece "Hurva".
Erik's piece "Dark Eyes" at the Palm Beach International Airport. 
Erik with his "Kaleid-O-Krank" at the WhiteSpace Collection's "Outside the Box2" Event. (Above)
People enjoying playing with this interactive piece. (Below)
Art in Public Places presents "Woman's World" by Erik Kucera - On Display at the Palm Beach International Airport until Feb 2014!
Onlookers of Erik's work "Soul of Jazz" live at the Lazurus Gallery United Hebrew in New Rochelle. March 23rd through September 16th. For more information click here
Erik Representing Surrealism at the ArtExpo NYC
Erik - Featured Artist at DATG for ArtExpo NYC